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There are several home remedies used to treat cold, this article will focus on natural home remedies for cold for

adults. The first thing you need to know is when and when not to treat cold. Sometimes, cold and coughing can be a

symptom that occurs when the body wants to get rid of viruses and harmful bacteria. By coughing, your air passages

clear by ejecting heavy mucus that carries germs, bacteria, and viruses to your lungs and other body parts.





Here are some home remedies for cold for adults:


Blow your nose regularly

If you notice you have a cold, for a start, ensure you blow your nose. It helps you a lot. Blowing your nose can be

very helpful because by doing so, you are not sniffing the mucus back into your head. Also, ensure you blow your

nose the right way by pressing your finger over one nostril while you blow the other one gently. Not doing it the

right way can cause phlegm which contains bacteria and viruses return back to your ear passages, resulting in an

earache or other ear diseases.


Take a warm shower

Warm showers will help moisturize your nasal passages; it can also help you relax. If you feel dizzy from the cold, run

a warm shower while you sit on a chair and take a sponge bath. Relaxing clears your mind and eases you of stress.


With cold season approaching, it is important to know home remedies for cold for adults. Find out here how you can fight cold easily with home remedies.

Eat food that fights infection naturally

There is a certain food that does the needful for us including fighting diseases, all you have to do is to eat them.

Certain nutrients in the food we have all around us have a way of backing us by fighting against diseases such as

cold, if we appreciate them and consume them in the right proportion, we will be free from some infections.


Here are some food that will help fight cold:




Onion contains photochemical which helps the body clear bronchitis and other infection from the body.





Mustard will help break up thick mucus in your air passages. In Addition, the recipe which is peppery in nature will

help dissolve thick mucus in the nasal passages and allow free flow of air in the body.


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Chili Peppers

Like mustard, chili peppers help break up thick mucus in the lungs.

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For cold infection, a good home remedy for treating cold is ginger because of its burning effect. Adding ginger to

your diet will reduce cold symptoms. Ginger can be consumed in different ways. Any way you feel like consuming it

is good and effective. You can slice ginger to your food before cooking it, you can also consume the raw ginger, and

in this case, you may not find the burning effect comfortable so it is advisable you try the third method which is

preparing ginger tea.


Home remedies for cold for adults


How to prepare Ginger Tea

Treat your cold with ginger tea, it does not taste good alone, it also helps in drying running and dripping nose.



  • Ginger tea is ginger root, boiled water, honey or brown sugar and lemon.
  • Start by washing the ginger and lemon properly
  • Peel the ginger and slice them into tiny pieces
  • Boil water and pour into a teapot
  • Place the sliced ginger into the teapot
  • Slice the lemons into the teapot and add honey or brown sugar
  • Strain the tea after boiling and serve

Ginger tea can be served at any temperature you feel cool for you.


Chicken Soup home remedies for cold for adults


Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is considered a very good home remedy for cold. Although, it may not cure it all it’s a great option

when you are down with a cold. A bowl of chicken soup with vegetables will protect your body from harmful

infections and besides, it’s quite enjoyable.



  • Put the chicken, onions, celery, and carrots in a large pot and add cold water.
  • Boil until the meat falls off the bones. Note that the pot must remain uncovered.
  • After that, take everything out of the pot. Pick the meat off the bones; chop the onions, celery, and carrots.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Return everything back to the pot, stir well and serve.


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Oily fish

Fishes like salmon, tuna, and mackerel are highly rich in omega-3 fatty acid which helps reduce inflammations in the

body and can help fight against cold and flu.


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A hot cup of tea can help soothe a sore throat. The first home remedy for cold that should come to mind is tea. All

types of tea ranging from black, white and green tea contain antioxidants known as catechin, which is very good for

cold treatment. For adults who have a cold, the use of tea should be one of your first treatments for cold symptoms.

How to prepare Green Tea

For cold symptoms, green tea is best recommended for adults.



  • water
  • green tea bags
  • sugar
  • mint
  • lemon



  • Start by boiling 4 cups of water and leave for few minutes so that the temperature can drop a little
  • Add 3 to 5 green tea bags to a pitcher and pour the water in it
  • Allow the content to brew for about 5 minutes
  • Remove the tea bags and sugar
  • Add 5 cups of ice cubes and leave to melt
  • Add sliced lemons to taste, leave refrigerated and drink within 24 hours


Note that you can add a handful of mint before pouring in the water before boiling it to have a soothing effect.


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Vitamin C

Studies have proven that fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C is a great cure for cold.

Listed below are good sources of vitamin C.

  • Oranges

Due to the presence of vitamin C, oranges are good for cold for adults who feel under the weather.

  • Lemon

Lemon mixed with honey and hot tea will reduce phlegm when you are sick. Other vitamin C

sources like leafy greens, grapefruits, other fruits, and vegetables are good home remedies for cold.


Gargle with salt water

The use of salt water can help prevent respiratory infections. It may also ease sore throat, nasal congestion, break

mucus which contains bacteria.


How to prepare

  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Put in a cup of water
  • Add garlic

Swish the dissolved content around your mouth and throat for about 30 to 45 seconds. Then you spit it out.



Honey has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties which make it a very good home remedy for treating cold for

adults. Studies have revealed that honey is a very good cough suppressant. 10 grams of honey before sleeping will

help reduce cold symptoms for adults.




Jaggery solution

Warm water with black pepper when consumed would relieve you of chest congestion.


Lukewarm water

Lukewarm water helps fight against most common cold. Also, it water reduces inflammation and helps in

decapitating infections in the body.


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Herbs and roots of Echinacea can be used for cold symptom treatment. Due to active ingredients in Echinacea, it

fights infections in the body. Consuming Echinacea’s root or herbs as tea can be very helpful for cold treatment.

Echinacea has been discovered to be more effective for adults than children.



  • Add 4 cups of water into a small pot over medium heat
  • Add fresh or dry Echinacea
  • Cover for about 15 minutes
  • Add honey and serve


Drink Echinacea tea at least 3 times daily for 10 days to ensure proper treatment.


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Carrot juice

Carrot juice is a natural home remedy that cures cold and cough. It is quite easy to prepare if you have all the

necessary types of equipment at disposal.



  • Wash 1 kilogram of carrot, scrub them with a brush if necessary and rinse under cold running water
  • Cut the broader tip of the carrot with a knife
  • Slice the carrots into a high-quality blender until it is fine mashed
  • Boil 2 cups of water and mix the mashed carrots with it
  • Allow the mashed carrot steep in the hot water. The longer it steeps in hot water, the better the taste of the juice, so you can leave it to steep for 15 minutes
  • Strain the juice into a pitcher, you can use a jelly strainer to strain the juice to have all the possible filtrate


Serve immediately after straining to avoid losing quality and valuable nutrients that help in treating cold for adults.


In addition to all the natural home remedies for cold for adults, sleeping with an extra pillow under your head will

help relief congested air passages. If you notice the angle is not comfortable, place the pillows in between the box

springs and the mattress to make way for a more convenient slope. For more information about home remedies for

cold for adults, log on to;





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