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Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb

Making healthy zucchini recipes with low carb can be very easy depending on what you want to

cook. Zucchini is one of the most nutritious, tasty and Low Carb foods you can find. Getting the

right healthy zucchini recipes with low carb can be difficult. While it should be considered a super

food, the small green vegetable is versatile, used to create zucchini pasta, fritters fries, and pizza

bases. Let’s take a quick look, easy and flavorful Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb you can

follow to experience all the benefits zucchinis can provide.



How to Make the Healthiest Zucchini Recipes

The arrival of the summer is the time of the zucchini. The Low Carb food is best incorporated as a

main dish or a starter in a fresh, crisp salad. The first and most popular green veggie dish is the

zucchini fritter. This is a Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb.


Zucchini Fritters - Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb


Zucchini Fritters – Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb

Feeling like a fritter? Zucchini fritters are simple to prepare, and you can enjoy every bite without

the guilt of consuming excess calories and unhealthy fats.



Finely chop or grate zucchinis, rinse in water and thoroughly dry using roller towel or a dishcloth.

Combine the grated or chopped zucchini as your main ingredient.


¼ Cup of Flour

Pinch of Salt

1 whisked egg

Grated mozzarella or parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil

1.5 cloves diced garlic



Add the salt to the chopped zucchini, including the flour, salt, garlic and the egg and cheese. Add

spices of your choice to enhance the flavor. Use a flat pan and apply the coconut or olive oil over a

regular heat. Prepare your batter and place into the hot frying pan, shape into a fritter and remove

once golden brown on either side. Serve warm.


Miniature Zucchini Pizzas - Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb

Miniature Zucchini Pizzas – Healthy Zucchini Recipes with Low Carb

Traditional pizzas baked with dough and layers of cheese and toppings possess hundreds of

calories. It is often high in sodium and saturated fats providing little to no nutritious value.

Incorporating crisp zucchinis as a pizza base is a modern take on the cheesy classic. The green

vegetable acts as a crisp base without the exorbitant calories and is just as flavorful. Try the mini

zucchini pizza recipe as a quick healthy snack or a quaint lunch.



4 zucchinis cut into round pizza shapes

Salt and pepper for flavor

½ cup mozzarella or parmesan

Your choice of meat toppings

1 tablespoon olive oil

Pizza seasoning

½ cup fresh tomato sauce



Prepare your frying pan over a medium heat with the olive oil. Fry the zucchini until brown and

crisp on both sides. Add your salt, pepper and desired seasoning. Once crisp and golden, add the

zucchini bases to a baking sheet. Preheat the oven while adding the cheese, spices, tomato paste,

and toppings. Place your miniature pizzas into the oven.

Bake up to 2 minutes till cheese has melted.

Enjoy your crispy and low carb zucchini bites.


Enjoying Zucchinis the Healthy Way

The small green vegetable can be enjoyed in a variety of ways from preparation in a fresh salad to a

crisp snack. Pair with baked or grilled fish or chicken as a side dish or grate into spaghetti strips and

create a prawn zucchini pasta. This remarkable food offers reduced calories and incredible health

benefits in its flavorful preparations.




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