Weight Loss



Weight loss has turned to a basic issue in the society which has stereotyped certain individuals. Do you want to stop

being called fat, big and other derogatory terms? Your worries will stop as you read this article. When weight loss is

being discussed, there is an authentic advantage in hypertension, diabetes, raised cholesterol, breath shortness, and

joint issues.




There’s no magic pill when it comes to the process. Conscious efforts, staying power, firmness of purpose,

determination, and discipline are the determining factors when it comes to losing weight. Weight loss success is not

just about getting it done, it is about making sure it stays done. Weight loss success depends on the day to day

activities you engage yourself. If you eat right and exercise well then you can achieve your aim as far as weight loss is



However, if you decide not to do what you are supposed to do, then you will never see your weight loss goals come

to reality.  The three basic steps to weight loss are:


  1. Eat Less
  2. Eat Right
  3. Exercise




  • Eat Less

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. Before your body can shed weight, there must be a deficiency in

calorie. There’s a need to create the calorie deficit the body needs. Though counting calories can be time-consuming

and very boring, so some efforts put into cutting calorie intake might be effective and satisfying. If you eat more

than you need, then you put on weight. If you eat less, the weight comes off.  Believe this, no amount of exercise will

make you reach your goals if you don’t limit food intake. You must realize that your body hates you and does not

want you to have that fit body you always wanted because if it did, you’ll probably have that body you want so you

must ensure you eat a bit less.




  • Eat Right

There is a popular saying that says “We are what we eat”. If you eat crap, your body will produce to you the result. If

you eat right, your waistline will thank you for it. The real deal when it comes to weight loss is the combination of a

healthy diet with an effective workout routine. Cutting off junks like donuts, cookies, pizzas, sodas, etc. is very

important when you are trying to lose weight. Don’t ever imagine that healthy eating right for weight loss implies

that you never eating out or never having a desert.  Please note that eating right for weight loss also includes having

breakfast every day as well as not skipping meals. The idea here is to eat right and not skip meals. Consequently, you

can eat 5 – 6smaller meals which include vegetables and fruits instead of the traditional 3 meals a day.



  • Exercise

Getting your body moving is the most important part as far as weight loss is concerned. You can call this whatever

you like. Workout, Aerobics… The point here is to keep moving.


Exercise goes hand in hand with proper diet. To achieve the best results, one should combine resistance training with

cardiovascular training. Resistance training may include weight training, gym weight machines, bodyweight exercises,

and resistance training. Meanwhile, cardiovascular training can be done simply by jogging, running, hiking,

swimming as well as kickboxing. Exercise is a fundamental part of weight loss activities and the key consistency. You

must know that weight loss takes a lot of time and effort but the fact that so many people are successful with it gives

you a clear chance of success.

Yes, you can be successful with it too!


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