According to another study, there is approximately 9.5 million shoulder workout. The shoulder is

the most worked up part of the body and to some degree; the shoulders are involved with the

back, chest, and triceps training. Well-developed shoulders are keys to completing a balanced

physique. When working out your shoulders, there are three heads of the deltoid muscle

you should consider. We have the anterior head (front delt), lateral head (middle delt) and posterior

head (rear delt). People often make mistakes when working out their shoulders by not

considering these three muscles. Few exercises that will focus on all three deltoids at the same time

will be illustrated in this article. Ensure you provide yourself with the right diet when working out

and get rid of the junk foods for that moment. Fruits, veggies, and other average calories foods will

help you during your 5 shoulder workout routine.



Gym goers commonly neglect to work on their shoulder. Whatever your goal, this 5 SHOULDER WORKOUT FOR MASS can help you achieve it massively built shoulder.




Here are the workout for mass just for you;

  1. Barbell standing overhead press
  2. Front two dumbbell raise
  3. Bent over barbell row
  4. Diamond push up
  5. Seated bent over rear deltoid raise


Before we analyze these 5 shoulder workout for mass, let’s look at the characteristics of a good

shoulder workout:

  • A good shoulder workout must have sufficient intensity and volume to boost your hormonal response
  • Multiple angles for the maximum overall growth of your shoulder muscles
  • Preference for challenging free weight exercises over machines
  • It must also rely on multi-joint exercises in a mass-producing rep range.


1.     Barbell Standing Overhead Press:

This particular workout is a great muscle and strength builder and it is meant for the upper body

and core.

Benefits of barbell standing overhead press

  • It is an exercise that builds your strength and stamina
  • It is a good workout for your shoulders
  • Barbell standing overhead press can be done by anyone including beginners
  • In addition, this workout builds your chest, triceps, ab, and core simultaneously
  • It is a great workout used in correcting slanting postures
  • And lastly, makes you healthy and fit all around


Guides on how to execute barbell standing overhead press

Main equipment you need is a barbell.

  • Begin by placing a barbell which is about a chest high on a squat rack. Grab the barbell with a palm facing forward grip. Make sure you grab the bar wider than shoulder width apart from each other.
  • Continue by bending your knees slightly and place the barbell on your collarbone. Lift the barbell up while keeping it lying on your chest. While doing that, take a little step backward for balance and position your feet wide apart from each other.
  • Lift the barbells up a bit over your head. This is the starting position
  • Lower the barbell down your collarbone slowly
  • Lift the barbell to the starting position again
  • Repeat the process for the instructed amount of rep

Gym goers commonly neglect to work on their shoulder. Whatever your goal, this 5 SHOULDER WORKOUT FOR MASS can help you achieve it massively built shoulder.

For those with back problems, this exercise can also be done while seated. The recommended amount of reps advisable for a set of this exercise is 20. A set of the exercise should involve 20 reps. you can do 5 sets in a day or more, it depends on your discretion and dedication. Practice barbell standing overhead press every day for 2 weeks.

After 14 days, take it slow by practicing 4 times a week.


2.     Front Two-Dumbbell Raise:

This is an exciting shoulder workout routine that targets your triceps, chest, abs, and shoulder.

Benefits of front two dumbbell Raise

  • It increases the size of your anterior shoulder
  • It increases your performance and strength
  • This strengthens your shoulders and stabilizes your muscles
  • It improves your functional ability
  • It makes you healthy all round


Guides on how to perform front dumbbell raise

In this workout, you will need a pair of dumbbells with equal sizes.

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and let them hang in front of your thighs at arm’s length with your palms facing your thighs
  • Try not to swing, and lift the dumbbell by bending your elbow slightly and your palms facing down
  • Lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position
  • Repeat the exercise for the recommended amount of reps.

Dumbbell raise is quite a simple exercise to execute.

Do 10 reps per set.

3 sets in a day.


3.     Bent Over Barbell Row:

A nice exercise that targets almost all the muscle in the upper body. Add bent over barbell row to

your daily workout routine to build up your body mass.

Benefits of bent over row

  • It increases your muscle mass
  • It contributes to your body metabolism
  • This increases your strength and endurance
  • It reduces your body excess fat
  • This decreases the risk of a heart problem
  • It also reduces the risk of other diseases like diabetes, obesity, and other related diseases.


Guides on how to practice bent over row

This routine requires a barbell with equal weights at both ends.

  • Start by holding a barbell with palms facing down
  • Ensure you bend your waist with your back bent and almost parallel to the floor
  • Make sure your head is facing forward. Next, lift the barbell up without standing straight, that’s your starting position
  • Exhale and slowly return the barbell down without it making contact with the floor
  • Now, return it back to its starting position and continue to process according to the number of repetitions given

This exercise requires 12 reps per set

3 sets a day is enough.


4.     Diamond Push Up:

This is a common shoulder workout for mass we see from time to time. It requires no special

equipment. The diamond push up is one of the hardest push-up techniques, but it is very

beneficial. Primarily, the main muscle diamond push-ups target is your triceps, but, it does a great

trick on your shoulders. It targets the deltoid muscles, allowing an even development on your


Benefits of diamond push ups

  • It provides you with stronger shoulders
  • Helps you with greater balance
  • It gives you good progression towards on arm push-ups
  • It’s a great chest workout
  • Lastly, increased triceps activation


Guides on how to execute diamond push-ups

  • Start in a plank position
  • Spread your fingers allowing the tip of your index fingers and thumbs touch
  • Allow to elbow to bend, lowering your chest to the floor with your back still flat
  • Straighten your arms back allowing your chest to move back to its starting position
  • Do 12 reps of this exercise and repeat 4 more times to make it 5 times in a day

5.     Seated Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raise:

This final exercise of the 5 shoulder workout for mass is a bit technical but gives a very encouraging

result in no time. All it requires is a little hard work.

Benefits of Seated bent over rear deltoid raise

  • It keeps your body more stable
  • It increases your versatility
  • Helps with smooth mobility in your arms
  • It increases your body metabolism
  • It also targets secondary muscles like your triceps, chest, abs, and wrists


Guides on how to do seated bent over rear deltoid raise

You need a pair of dumbbells with equal weights and a bench to sit on.

  • Start by sitting on the bench you have provided for yourself and the pair of dumbbells behind your calves
  • Bend your waist to pick up the pair of dumbbells with your palms facing each other while picking them
  • Raise the dumbbells with both times at the same time until your arms are parallel to the floor
  • After a second, drop the dumbbells back slowly to its starting points and repeat for the requires amounts of reps

This exercise requires you to do 6 reps

5 sets a day.



That’s 5 shoulder workout for mass above for your dispensation. Ensure you put a little hard work

and dedication to the workout. When practiced well, between 2 to 3 weeks, great changes will be

noticed in your body. You can combine the exercises if you like to do so, but make sure you don’t

overwork your body. Do the exercises according to the reps illustrated in this article and remember

your shoulders goes a long way in defining your stature and your posture, guys with great

shoulders are the ones we always envy because they have great bodies. It’s not too late for you to

have a body better than theirs like stated earlier, a little hard work and dedication will do the trick.


Gym goers commonly neglect to work on their shoulder. Whatever your goal, this 5 SHOULDER WORKOUT FOR MASS can help you achieve it massively built shoulder.

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